Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Looking for Children's Book Illustrator

BlueHead Publishing is looking for a talented illustrator to do the complete illustration for their upcoming children’s book, “You Throw Like A Girl.”

We are looking for a new gifted artist to take this exciting and powerful manuscript from being a charming and wonderful story to a beautiful and engaging illustration.

We would like to ask would-be candidates to provide the following:
  1. Samples from their portfolio, specifically illustrations of people and/or children.
  2. Provide a sample mockup of our main character, Chelsea standing on a molehill (in a park), preparing to pitch, based upon the following description and excerpt from the manuscript:
Character: 9 year old girl
Personality: determined, feminine, competitive, energetic, emotive
Description: brunette, average height, thin, ethnically neutral
Abilities: quick learner, athletic, pitcher
Accessories: baseball glove, ball
    “Chelsea held the ball in her hand, grasping it firmly, just like Auntie Kim had shown her. She cocked her hand back and took a deep breath. Thinking about her Gram and Auntie Kim, she smiled, and with every bit of strength she had, she threw the ball.”

    We are looking for an artist who is willing to work on a fee-for-service pay schedule where we will cover costs of materials, and a portion of the total fees upfront, with the final (and majority) payout based upon profits from book sales/sponsorships. We will also grant you co-rights to resale your work.

    We are hoping to find a new artist who is as anxious as we are to promote their career, work, and professional aspirations on a national level.

    Submission Deadline: Monday, June 27th

    Please contact for more information.

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