Friday, November 26, 2010

Kindle eBook Design Resources for CodeMonkeys

A few helpful links for those of you designing an eBook for Kindle. This is geared for those of you who want to work with the source code (as opposed to those who are looking to simply convert from InDesign or Word to .mobi without caring for geekish specifics)

A great introduction for techie people already familiar with web-design

Site for Kindle Formatting Tips

Kindle's Publishing Program Page with goodies like
  • KindleGen - a tool for generating .mobe (kindle) files from HTML, ePub, etc files
  • KindlePreviewer - a desktop virtual Kindle for testing your code in a 'live' kindle display

The not-remotely-useful Kindle Publishing Guidelines Document from Amazon

A couple of nice web pages for cheatsheets on HTML and CSS compatibility:

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